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Detroit Water Bills Could Be Paid Through Crowdfunding

Detroit, MI – Complete strangers can now help Detroit residents with their unpaid water bils through a new web site set up by the Detroit Water and Seweage Department.

To donate, people can go to the Detroit Water Project web site, enter their email address and the amount they are willing to pay toward unpaid water bills. The DWSD department will match donors to a Detroit resident who they can help directly by submitting a payment to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department on their behalf.

Since launching the web site, the donor list has grown to over 3,000 people.

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DWSD announced a plan earlier this year to cut water services to over 150,000 households that are overdue on their water bills. That plan received a great deal of criticism, including from international human rights organizations.

In May, DWSD sent out 46,000 shut off notices. Of those, only 4,531 customers had their water service shut off for any period of time according to DWSD. Detroit Water and Sewage Department has stated that this action is only targeted at those who have the ability to pay their water bill but refuse.

“Our goal is to have as few shut offs as possible,” said DWSD Director Sue McCormick.

Detroit residents can sign up here to be matched with a donor.

JD Sullivan

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