Our goal is to practice environmental stewardship in all stages of news and information publishing, to support vendors who do the same and to invest in ways to give back to our community, to the craft of journalism and to the Earth.

Reducing the use of paper by relying on virtual documentation for plans, reports and notes. Reducing the use of electricity originated from fossil fuels and relying more on solar and wind produced energy. Reducing unnecessary travel and utilizing energy efficient means of transportation.
Repairing electronic and other equipment.
Recycling paper and donating equipment to organizations which can refurbish them for others to utilize.

Local sourcing reduces the amount of energy wasted in transportation and relying on local vendors also helps to support our local economy. When sourcing services and products, we seek those who also have a commitment to sustainable practices.

Community, Journalism, and Our Planet
GreenActionNews seeks to support organizations which plant trees as a carbon offset and which work to preserve and protect our water.

Our first commitment in investing in our planet is to support and be active in efforts in our local community, West Michigan. And whenever possible, relying on local vendors to create jobs in our local economy.

We support the craft of journalism by providing internships/co-op opportunities for journalism students. We seek to support organizations which promote journalistic integrity.