Social Networking for Environmental Activists

Green Action News is for people who care about making a beneficial difference for the environment.

Our Story
Green Action News, first launched on April 10, 2013, which was founded by JD Sullivan. JD cares about the environment. Moreover, he is concerned about how the mainstream media often portrays activists in a negative and inaccurate manner.

Most importantly, Your Stories

The hallmark that sets GreenActionNews apart is that we share the stories of peopleĀ working on the frontlines of environmental activism.

Social Networking for Environmental Activists

Green Action News respects your privacy, therefore we utilize GDPR privacy practices. In addition, we do not share specific identifiable information about you with advertisers. Plus we work hard to keep our site secure, and provide you with ways to report bad actors.

Membership Features:

Create Your Own Green Action News Member Profile

  • your own member avatar
  • cover image
  • custom profile
  • like other members’ profiles and they can like yours
  • Plus, you can share your environmental activism story with status updates

Green Action News Community Stream

  • status updates (just like in your profile, you can do it here too)
  • privacy settings for who can see your posts
  • tag others in the conversation
  • comment, like, and share posts

Get Notifications when…

  • someone posts on your profile
  • someone comments or likes your post
  • someone likes a comment
  • you are tagged
  • when your post is shared.

So… Let’s Get Started!
Green Action News is a hybrid News/Community publication. We offer local news written by correspondents around the world. In addition, we offer networking and story sharing features for people just like you who care about the environment to get the word out and inspire others to get involved.

Coming Soon!
Community Building Phase II
Events Calendar
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Community Building Phase III
Post Reactions

Community Building Phase IV
Gear Store
Earn, Share, Spend Activity Cred
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Community Building Phase V
Organization Pages
Community Integrated Events