Pope Francis Calls on Rich and Powerful to Care for Earth

Pope Francis calls on world leaders to take radical steps toward transforming economic, political and personal choices in addressing climate change. He asked God to enlighted “those who hold power and money so that they avoid the sin of indifference … and take care of the world we inhabit.”

Pope Francis made his comments at the first celebration of “World Day for Prayer for the Care of Creation,” yesterday which he created to boost support for the environment. Francis said that the observerance “will give individuals and communities an opportunity to implore God’s help in protecting creation and an opportunity to ask God’s forgiveness “for sins committed against the world in which we live.”

In June, the pontiff issued a 184-page papal encyclical in which he he criticized forces contributing to environmental degredation and hording of resources, addressing environmental concerns and climate change. Pope Francis said that protecting the planet is an ethical and moral imperative for believers and non-believers.

Pope Francis is scheduled to address U.S. Congress on Sept. 24 and to speak at the annual U.N. General Assembly of world leaders on Sept. 25 during his first papal visit to the United States.

JD Sullivan

JD Sullivan is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Green Action News. He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass Communication. JD is passionate about journalism & sustainable living.

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