MI Environmentalists Oppose Bill to Change Net-metering Rates

Lansing, MI – Environmentalists are opposing a Michigan State Senate bill which would change Michigan’s current net-metering program.

Under the current net metering program in Michigan, if homeowners with solar panels or wind turbines generate more electricity than what they need, they can sell their extra electricity to their utility company at retail rates and it goes back into the grid. When the homeowner is not producing enough electrity, they buy it from the utility at the retail rate.

About 1800 homeonwers are participating in Michigan’s net-metering program.

The proposed changed in Senate Bill 438 would require homeonwers to sell their excess electricity to the utility company at wholesale rates.

Charlotte Jameson, policy manager of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, today testified before the Senate Energy and Technology Committee in opposition to Senate Bill 438. “The Nofs energy plan would turn back the clock on Michigan residents—raising costs, increasing pollution and eliminating Michigan jobs,” said Jameson. “In order to ensure a cleaner energy future and keep costs down for Michigan families and businesses, we should be increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy standards—not repealing them. The Michigan League of Conservation Voters urges the Michigan Legislature to build on the success of our growing clean energy sector and protect ratepayers by supporting and increasing our clean energy standards.”

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