350.org Vows Massive Youth Civil Disobedience over KXL

Washington, DC – As the fight over the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline seems be accelerating towards a final decision, protestors are turning up the heat on President Obama to reject the project with a major, youth-led protest at the White House this weekend called “XL Dissent.”

Photo Courtesy: 350.org

Photo Courtesy: 350.org

More than 1,000 students and youth from across the country have signed up to take part in a march to the White House from Georgetown University, where President Obama laid out his “climate test” for the pipeline this summer. Once there, more than 300 youth are expected to risk arrest in a sit-in, the largest youth act of civil disobedience at the White House in a generation.

The young people represent over 50 colleges and universities and are taking action in solidarity with groups on the frontlines of dirty energy expansion and climate impacts, such as First Nations and refining communities, ranchers and farmers along the route, and those fighting tar sands expansion in Michigan and beyond.

Photo Courtesy: 350.org

Photo Courtesy: 350.org

On March 1st, the first day of the action, hundreds of students from across the country are expected to come together to share strategies and tactics for the growing fossil fuel divestment movement that has spread to over 300 colleges and universities. On March 2nd, a rally will take place at Georgetown University’s Red Square to kick-off the day’s events, followed by a march toward Secretary of State John Kerry’s house on O St. with a banner that will read “Sec. Kerry: Don’t Tar Your Legacy” in an effort to push him to recommend that President Obama reject the pipeline. After the march, there will be speakers which will include youth leaders and representatives from communities that would be impacted by the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as those on the frontlines of other dirty energy developments and the climate crisis.

According to 350.org, at least 300 youth are expected to risk arrest in a sit-in on the sidewalk in front of the White House fence.

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