Well House Food Justice Workshop

Grand Rapids, MI – Well House is a West Michigan nonprofit dedicated to fixing vacant houses to be used by homeless individuals as low cost shelter. In Kent County alone there are 19 vacant houses for every one homeless individual. With the cost of living continuing to sky rocket it is imperative to strengthen the local economy by providing free and low cost housing to those who need it. Taxpayers spend more money keeping people on the streets; it costs less to house and help our neighbors.

One of the most unique things about Well House is their emphasis on green living with their use of composting, recycling, gardening and farming. They have a large urban farm which sells its produce to area restaurants and a pottery studio where Well House residents can create works of art.

Courtesy of Well House

Courtesy of Well House

Well House is run almost exclusively on donations and volunteer work.  Wellhouse hosts events throughout the year to help raise funds and to offer workshops on topics such as canning, and mushroom log inoculation. A full line up of events can be found on their website. An upcoming workshop is the Food Justice Workshop- it is being held on Saturday March 1st from 10:00AM- 1:00PM, it is located at the original Well House on 600 Cass St SE in Grand Rapids.

What exactly is food justice? It is an idea that the entire process of growing, transporting and distributing of food benefits the farmer, consumer and community. The current food system benefits a select few, and often industrialized farming hurts the land, farmer and consumer. Further access to fresh, healthy food should also be shared fairly, regardless of economic status or location. Food justice seeks to eliminate all disparities and inequities associated with the current food system.  Discussions will be based around these concepts and applied to local issues dealing with access to fresh, wholesome foods. Ultimately the goal is to create food sovereignty in the community by empowering a network of small farmers and home gardeners. This workshop has a suggested donation of $20.00- funds will go to Well House’s urban farm projects. You need to register for this event by contacting Well House at contact@wellhousegr.org. You can find an event page on their website and on facebook.

Courtesy of Seattle Global Justice

Courtesy of Seattle Global Justice

DeLaney Becker-Baratta

Hi everyone! I live in Grand Rapids MI. My free time is spent dreaming of my (future) self sufficient place out in the country. I am currently obsessed with permacultre and I am looking forward to spring so I can start my small garden.

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  1. Beth Miller says:

    Obsessed with permaculture…omg, it’s my tribe! Right here in West Michigan! I knew I would find you, woohooo! I would like to sign up for the Food Justice Workshop on March 1, please. I’m a disciple of Will Allen looking for other urban farmers and allies. I also sort of adopted a homeless kid last year. Yeah…long story, remind me to tell you some time.

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